Sunday, September 9, 2012

On The Road..

Hello from St. Louis!
Our family is moving across the country from Tennessee to Washington State- this is our first leg of the journey.
My brother and sister in law live in St. Louis, so we stopped for a few days to see them.
Today we hit up the zoo- it's free and its next to this beautiful park called Forest Park.
I really wish we had more time to explore the Science Museum and the Art Museum there as well, they look amazing!!
Maybe next time.

Here are a few pictures from our trip today:

How beautiful is this?? It doesn't even look real, but it is. :)

The penguin exhibit was amazing. I got splashed by a penguin swimming by me!

A sweet Father-Daughter moment

Grizzly Bear- he was HUGE.

Andean Bears, just chillin'

A cute camel

Lions catnapping in the sun.

Ethan catching a bug on the sidewalk while we were waiting for the bus to come so we could get back to our car. :)

We had a nice day. Tomorrow we're back on the road- hopefully getting as far as northern Iowa.
I'll probably not get to post until at least Saturday, so have a good week and if you think of us, keep us in your prayers- that we'll have safe travels. :)

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