Friday, August 10, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Sneaky Flies!

Hi, it's time for....


 I thought I was going to get away scot-free this week. That is, until I went into the kitchen a few days ago and found 5 or more flies trapped in the bag my homemade bread was in.
( I didn't take a picture, sorry.)

I let the flies out, but just couldn't bring myself to let anyone eat the rest of the bread. There was about half a loaf. sigh.
I fed it to the chickens, who enjoyed it VERY much, so at least it wasn't a total loss.

Other than a few kid leftovers (which also went to the chickens- love those chickens!!) that's all the waste we had this week!

Maybe next week I can remember to CLOSE the ziplock bag after using it and no flies will crawl all over our bread. (ew!!)

In other news, our chickens started laying eggs!!!! I'm so happy. :) We're only getting one egg a day, so A chicken is laying...we still have 10 more to find out if they are hens or roosters. Its fun to find the egg every day- today the hen laid it in the backyard right in front of us. Hopefully more hens will start laying soon, but in the meantime, we're really enjoying those little tiny eggs. (they get bigger as the hens lay more.)

How did you do this week?
If you want to read about more people's battle against food waste, hop on over to Kristen's blog
The Frugal Girl and check it out. She is the lovely lady who inspired me, and tons of other frugal minded people to be more aware of the money we throw away through food waste.


femmefrugality said...

I'm glad no humans ate the bread! lol. That's so cool that the chickens are laying eggs.

Becca Swan said...

Yeah, I was pretty grossed out by all the flies. Ick!

And we had TWO chickens lay eggs today!! Now we only have 9 more to go!

live and learn said...

I would have been so disappointed to find flies trapped with my homemade bread. Sorry that you had to.

Also, that must be so exciting to see the first eggs being laid. Almost wants me to get chickens.