Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Away From Home

It's time for...


Hello from Oklahoma!

Our family is on vacation this week, in Oklahoma for my younger brother's college graduation.
My parents flew in from Washington State and we're having a wonderful time just enjoying each other's company and the big graduation is tomorrow!

My Mom and Dad and I

My momma enjoying holding the kids' hands :)
Going on a walk

On the food waste front, things haven't been quite so happy-
We wasted almost an entire package of lunch meat because it was un-refrigerated for over 24 hours and we figured it wouldn't be a good idea to still eat it.
I also threw away half of a delicious burrito and some rice and beans leftover from a visit to a local Mexican restaurant for the same reason. I'm pretty bummed too because that was a good burrito!

Lastly, one of the apples I bought from Aldi before we left for our trip got smashed and bruised and mealy. And the kids' didn't quite finish two more apples.

Here's a picture of that icky apple- you're welcome. :)

That's all though! It's not as bad as I feared, thankfully.

How did you do this week??

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation. :)


Grandma Freda said...

Howdy Becca I only wasted part of a banana as it was too soft..yukky.Also tell every-one Hi from Grandma.Happiest of Mother's Day to you and My Kathy sweetie..Love all very Much

live and learn said...

Your mother looks so young. Glad that you got to spend time with your family.

Becca Swan said...

Thanks! We had such a good time :) Hi Grandma Freda!! :)

Jane Craske said...

So glad that you had such a fun time C:

You did super with that little food waste considering you are out and about.

Becca Swan said...

Thanks, Jane! Now, let's hope that this week's waste is just as good or better. ;)