Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY Pallet Project Part 3- The Finished Product!!

It's done! It's done! The pallet table is done!
(For the work-in-progression, see Part 1 and Part 2.)

We now have a nice big-ish table sitting in our dining room, and I absolutely love it.
I finished  putting polyurethene on it Thursday morning, then Hubby and I moved it inside last night just before dinner.

It is too heavy for just one of us to lift alone! This baby is sturdy. I like that, because you never know when a child might decide to climb on top of it, and I'd hate to have to worry about the table and the child falling over. Now, I just have to save the child. This has never happened yet, by the way, but Eliana is quite the climber.

I wanted to share how much we spent making this project:
Pallet- $0.00 (found on side of road.)
Legs- $0.00 (already had the wood from flower bed ties)
Bolts- $4.20
Paintbrushes- 8.00
Polyurathene- $0.00 (We bought it last year for another project and had a lot left over.)

So, total cost of the pallet table is: $20.18
Not bad, huh?
Much better than paying $50-100 for a table from Craigslist that we don't really love.
DIY projects are the best!

I suppose you'd like to see the table actually in our dining room?
Here she is, in all her simple glory:

I tried making some place mats for the table. It turns out that squares are harder to sew than I thought!
Don't look too closely- they are a little crooked.

I remembered that I bought a really pretty table cloth at TJ Maxx for $10 not too long ago- not to use as a table cloth, just because I thought I'd use the fabric for some sewing project. It looks nice as a table cloth though; I might keep it for it's original purpose. :)

There are a few drawbacks in using a pallet as a table.
Okay, I can only think of one. Nope, two.
 Its kind of rough. (go figure, right?)
The edges are slightly scratchy, so one must be careful when resting their arms on the table.
Also, it is hard to wash off with a dish cloth. The food gets stuck in the little ridges so you have to scrub.
We may end up getting a piece of plexi-glass to put over the top to smooth things out.
I'll let you know. :)
Other than that, I love it!
With a table cloth, these problems are solved as well, so maybe we'll just keep one on there, although in general I am not a fan of table cloths.

What do you think of the table? I want to know, leave me a comment! Be honest!


adventuresindinner said...

Oh my! What a fantastic idea-thanks so much for the lovely blog comment. I'm just about to follow you (can't wait to see the next project), hope you find the time to follow me back :)

Colleen said...

What a great use of resources! I'm so impressed, you did a fantastic job!

Becca Swan said...

Thanks! I love reading both of your blogs every Friday- I'll follow you too! :)

Breanne C. said...

You could always get a clear table cloth. my mom got some sort of heavy duty plastic/vinyl/something for her dinning room table. Clear so that you can still see the table but then its also still protected.
Your table looks great!