Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 5th of July!

Its Tuesday, which means that people are back to work today, all refreshed (or worn out) from their long weekend celebrating the 4th of July.
Is it just me, or has the "real" holiday become the 3rd of July?
All of the bigger firework shows are on the 3rd, there are parades on the 3rd, bbq's on the 3rd...whatever happened to the 4th??
I find it kind of silly myself.
There's not really a point to that rambling, its just something I observed. :)

We had family come into town over the weekend and had lots of fun doing stuff we don't usually do; like visiting the children's museum, eating out a little bit (we didn't waste hardly any food!) and generally having a really nice time. Nana and Auntie enjoyed spending time with the kiddos, and us too!

We went down to the Mississippi River for a fireworks show on...that's right! The 3rd of July!  While it was pretty, the trees kinda blocked a lot of the view. We had thought the fireworks would be closer to where we were sitting; we were wrong.
Oh, well. The river was really pretty.

My hubby and sweet little girl

Ethan loved playing in the sand

Eliana didn't like the sand very much.

These trees are so stately! 

Last night after the sun slowly sank down behind the trees, we first got nature's version of fireworks- the fireflies!  Then the firecrackers and rockets started joining in. It turns out that our neighbors apparently spent a good chunk of their hard-earned paycheck on fireworks and we (the lucky ones!) - got to view the show for free.

It was so humid outside!

Ethan was supposed to be in bed, but he came into the living room and said, "There's something scary outside?" so we took him out to enjoy the revelry and he absolutely loved it.
He was making shrieking whistling sounds just like the fireworks as they sailed into the night sky, then yelling "BOOM!" when they exploded. Completely adorable. Needless to say, he is taking a long nap today after staying up so late.
Eliana slept through it all, which is a good thing since she is scared of loud noises at the moment.

I hope you all had a lovely 3rd..4th..and 5th of July as well!

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