Friday, July 29, 2011

Food Waste Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday!

That means you all get to see what food I wasted this week.
 (Check out the inspiration for this over at The Frugal Girl.)

I was a little scared on Tuesday when I found some spinach salad that had mysteriously developed brown spots all over it in just a day or so.

 I thought, 'Oh my gosh! If I already have food going bad on Tuesday, what will it be like on Friday??'

It's not too bad this week thankfully, mostly because we don't really have much food left in our fridge. It's the end of the month, which means just a few days til the hubby's next paycheck, which means we get to "be creative" when it comes to making meals. :)
Our freezer and pantry actually are fairly well stocked; the fridge just looks a bit meager.

Eliana decided she wanted more milk..:)

Other than the spinach which is in the compost, the only other thing I found to toss was the mustard in the above picture. It expired at the beginning of the month. ( And I was wondering why it tasted a little weird...)
I thought it was because we took it camping in the spring and left it un-refrigerated. Which also might have contributed to the overwhelming vinegar taste...anyway, its days are over and we'll replace it with a nice new bottle next time we go grocery shopping.

Oh, and I cut open this potato last night when I was making oven fries to go with our burgers and found this...

So that's in the compost as well.

Here is  a picture of the burger and fries, just for fun.


How did you do this week? Let me know!

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Leslie said...

I have often found mystery's in our fridge.. still do.. I am not a big left over eating kind of person.. so unless Chuck eats it.. it will sit.. gross! :)