Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Stop Wasting Food!

I was wandering around the world wide web on Friday, and came across a blog that invites others to participate in something called "Food Waste Friday". (this is Miss Kristen's post from last Friday)
 Basically you look in your fridge/cupboards every Friday and see what has gone bad and then take a picture and blog about it. I'll be linking my post to her blog every Friday, along with countless other people as well, so we can all see along the way how we're improving in being more efficient in our food usage and encourage each other.
 The goal of course, is to reduce food waste by showing the world how much (or hopefully little) food you've wasted that week. I think this is a marvelous idea!!

I am always trying to work out our meals so that I use the same ingredients in different dishes and get rid of everything before it goes to waste. Especially produce. But we all know its easy to let stuff sit in the sometimes generates a black hole and three weeks later you see a lonely container in the back of the fridge and wonder, "what is that?"

Just this week I found some flank steak strips that I'd make 2 weeks ago for flank steak burritos (Delicious!) but had completely forgotten about. :(
We all know that steak isn't cheap, even the most inexpensive one you can find is still more than I usually spend on one cut of meat. We are pretty much a ground beef-eating kind of family.(grass-fed ground beef only- If you wanna know more about that, ask me. I'll do a blog post on it.)
Not much more going on here besides chicken breast and the occasional roast in the winter time. Someday we'll buy half a cow and have all sorts of cuts, but till then our family is pretty straight-forward simple when it comes to eating meat.
But I digress.

Food Waste Friday! Look forward to it! Join in! Take a picture, blog about it, or just comment on The Frugal Girl's blog this Friday and let her know what you wasted. Or didn't. I'm hoping for next to nothing for me, but I'm sure that there will be some kind of food that goes bad...

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Gayle said...

That's a really great idea!

Our top shelf is reserved for very time sensitive food, only. (leftovers and marinading meats) It is the first thing you see when you open the fridge. Since we've done this, we have had no food go bad. I hate wasting food!

Becca Swan said...

Wow, that's really smart! I usually put the leftovers on the middle shelf, where they get covered up and lost..I'll have to try your way and see if I end up with less waste. If I can see it, I'll definitely be more inclined to use it up!