Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Lemon and Chicken

Hello, it's time once again for..


This week we had a few things wasted:

Half a lemon that went all moldy and mushy on me- it went straight into the compost.

Then, a tiny bit of leftover fajita chicken that had sat out for about 3 hours after I cooked it, then I put it in the fridge, but then felt like we shouldn't eat it, just in case. So I threw that away. It was probably one serving worth.

On the good news side of things, I've started grocery shopping weekly again as opposed to twice a month and it seems like we're doing a better job of eating up leftovers and not letting things go bad. I suppose it's because we don't have as many things to eat, so we eat what we have! Not a bad thing at all. :)

Also, I just had to share this picture because it was such a delicious meal:
Grilled BBQ chicken thighs (on sale at Aldi for $2.55!), rice, green beans, cucumbers from our garden and tomatoes from a friend's garden- there's nothing like home grown produce, y'all! It was SO good. And so pretty!

I  hope those of you in the States had a lovely 4th of July, and those of you outside the States had a nice Wednesday as well! ;)

This is linked to The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation.


live and learn said...

What a beautiful plate. I can't wait until we get fresh tomatoes.

Becca Swan said...

Fresh tomatoes are SOOOOoooooooooo much better than store-bought ones, that's for sure! Hope you had a good week!