Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Sunset

Our family likes to take little trips down to the river once in a while.
When the weather is as gorgeous as it has been lately, 'once in a while' turns into 'quite a bit'. :)
We went last night, and it was so pretty! It was mostly dark by the time we got there, and the kids enjoyed running up and down the hills, racing through the grass in the warm breeze.

We also went to the river around sunset a few nights ago.
Here are some pictures of how beautiful God's glory is.
It's amazing!

Nope, I don't know those people. 

Looking across the river to Arkansas

Looking slightly north

That orange is just beautiful!

Pretty, pretty!
I love sunsets. Such a gorgeous way to end the day. :)


Leslie said...

I think you guys will miss the river.. it has been a big part of the kid's lives.. what beautiful pictures

Becca Swan said...

Yup, we will. :) We love going there.
I'll miss it, but I know that we'll have new fun adventures to take though once we get to Oklahoma- there's a state park not far away that looks beautiful! I think it may become one of our new haunts. :)