Monday, January 16, 2012

Sneak Peek- it's almost finished!


You may remember this from a few weeks ago..

Or not.  I'm sure I'm the only one who checks my blog every day. ;)

Anyway, I've been working on making a skirt similar to this beauty, and I"m almost finished!

I just have to add a lining and zipper and I'll be done.
I've never done a zipper before, and I'm kind of scared I'll ruin the whole skirt if I mess up the zipper.
I'm sure that's an overstatement- I'll just have to ...

but still, I really hope that I can put the zipper in right the first time, with no major mistakes.
Do you have any tips for installing a zipper for super mega beginners?

In other news, I think my daffodils may be confused.

It's been so warm lately that they think it's spring!
I hope a snow doesn't come along and kill them all.

I'll be back on Wednesday, hopefully with a finished skirt and more pictures to share.:)


Jenn said...

I LOVE that skirt!! It will look amazing. I think your zipper should come out fine :)

Becca Swan said...

Thanks, Jenn! I'm really liking it too. :)