Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Waste Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, My.
This week was not so good in the food wasting department.
I just didn't really care to make sure food didn't get wasted.

Although we did do pretty well at eating up leftovers, there were a few things that went bad out of the fridge.
First up:
Leftover spaghetti.

We'd eaten it for  dinner, and then for lunch twice and eaten all of the meat out of it, so all that was left was a few noodles and some tomato chunks that got left out of the fridge after lunch...until probably dinnertime.  I was a little bit nervous about eating it again, since it had sat out for so long, so into the trash it went.

Next, (and this really makes me sad) some chicken salad that I made for us to eat on homemade rolls while in the car en route to the chiropractor.

We have to go 3 times a week ( it's  a long story; basically I have the back of a 45 year old and I"m only 27) and this means we eat dinner in the car 3x a week. Thankfully, we've managed to only eat fast food once or twice of those nights in the last 6 weeks, due to planning ahead. (yay!)
Anyway, back to the chicken salad. I made it to bring with us and then we ended up either going running or to the park afterwards, and the mayo-based sandwich stuffer sat in the car for about 3 hours without being refrigerated. I ate a bit the next day hoping it was alright, but felt pretty queasy immediately afterwards. Into the trash  that went as well. (I so love chicken time we're bringing a cooler or something to keep it cold in!)

Let's see..
We also had a carrot that was..bendy..

some more leftover spaghetti..

And some leftover sandwiches from going to the zoo that (you guessed it!) didn't get put in the fridge when they should have. Is anyone else sensing a theme??
They were on homemade bread too, which pains me to have it thrown away because it is sooooooo good.

Oh, and some oats.
I think that's it. I'm not sure, I don't remember. I do remember thinking several times this week, "Man Food Waste Friday is going to be embarrasing!!"
It is.

In positive news, I did manage to save a huge amount of spinach from going bad by blanching it and then freezing it. It's amazing how much spinach cooks down. The whole huge amount  once it was cooked, fit into a quart-sided freezer bag. That gave me a new appreciation for people who freeze like a years worth of greens- they  must start out with a colossal amount!
So, hopefully (most likely, unless something way beyond my control happens) next week will be better.
How did you do with your food waste this week?

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live and learn said...

Please don't try a questionable meat-mayo sandwich again for the hope of not wasting it. We want you back next week, healthy and happy.
Also, you can take bendy carrots,soak them in cold water and they will usually revive.

Becca Swan said...

Yes, I will just chuck it into the trash next time! Not taking any chances from here on out.

And I had no idea about the carrots- Thanks so much for the tip. :) I bought 10 lbs of carrots last time we went shopping at Costco and I have a feeling a few more may become bendy before we get through all of them.

Beth Anne said...

I've revived a bunch of bendy carrots recently also. I ended up letting them sit in a bowl of water over nit in my fridge to get them back to crunchy.

Great job on not eating out while on the road! It's quite a challenge but planning ahead is the way to fight it!